I collected a bunch of artworks from the Art Expo 2012 held in Matrade recently for my own references. Is being generous and sharing with you guys. Hehe. Anyway, this post is really really really…. long with lots of photos. So if you are not into art, you can skip this post anytime by putting your mouse over this post, 2 arrows should pop up to the right. Click the down arrow to skip this post.

For those who are looking forward to enjoy the artworks from this year’s exhibition, enjoy!

#artception #pleaseone

KY and I went to the exhibition on the 2nd day, there was a free buffet which I have to distract KY from. Other than that, we were left to our own devices when exploring the art there.

Last year, about 3 or 4 people stopped me from taking photos. This year, only one from an art gallery from Singapore. #justsaying

One of the most expensive paintings there. Going for more than 1 mil. #isthisreallyart Looks like a good piece to hang in a tall airwell.

I took a great deal of photos that day, most of them I zoom out so that I can take their name plaques as well. But there were so many and I lost track of some of the artist names. #dontkillme

But these are the ones without names that are really noteworthy. #imho

Look, I found pyrography art on wood!

Ok this is the last unknown. There were also alot of duplicates from last year that didn’t sell. I skipped all those.

Sculptures Akiko Ogusu


Amalia Kartika


Arie Smit

Oo I love this artist Arie Smit. The colors are so vanGogh and the lines so Japonisme. He mostly does art of Balinese culture.

Arie Smit, love the expressionism influence in colors


Calvin Chua’s new work

His old works were hanging there that day as well. But this massive one is a new one I haven’t encountered before.

Chon Jin Gyu


Daniel Ludwig

I love this piece. The mixture of realism and abstract elements are done so seamlessly here.

Dong Jo Lee


Goh Lye Hock, you gotta check out his other works. One of the best local painters.

#imho local artists are very sloppy in their art. Most of them are. Sketch lines showing, overlapping lines and disconnected lines with bad edges. #justsaying but this artist, Goh Lye Hock is the antithesis of sloppiness. If only you can see his artwork up close, it is breathtaking and I would buy this if I have the money.

Haslin Ismail


Hidehito Matsubara

Canvas manipulation turned into art.

Hiroyuki Matsumura in superflat style


Ooo look! A piece by the late Ibrahim Hussein

This is a rare one. There are alot of imitates of Ibrahim Hussein’s artworks that buyers should be aware of. Many people invest in pieces from old artists and the turnover would be very lucrative after the passing of these artists.

Ismail Mat Husein and his trademark batik

Another legendary artist from Malaysia.

Jiang Zhinan

Watercolour paintings inspires me.

Joni Ramlan


Kwon Ji Eun


Kwon JinSoo in #paintbynumbers style -_-

KY took a liking to this, which I pointedly reminded his that it is done like those #paintinnumbers merchandise. Not my cup of tea. Zoom in to see what I mean.

Lee Gil Woo, his work inspired me greatly ever since I laid eyes on it

A clever technique of overlaying punched color papers on top of each other. Reminds me of double exposure photography.

A close up of Lee Gil Woo’s work

A close up of what I mean.


A beautiful oil chinese painting by Lee Man Fong. Textures are incredible.

This was one of the memorable pieces of the exhibition. KY and I stood for a very long time gaping at this piece.

A close up of Lee Man Fong’s art


Lee Yong Woo’s The Bouquet #socryptic

Palette knife work are so expressive and free. I love to just look at them and feel the movements of the knife dancing on the canvas.

Lieu Nguyen and her interesting textures



I remember I once showed Ringo my painting and she went “Um, so its a crab-woman with a shell and her hand is a racoon?”

In the same context, um…so its a worm janitor with blue sun glasses?


Okano Masato


Raduan Man


Rei Morimura


Rei Morimura


Rudy M


Satoshi Uchiumi


Soenkom Chansrinual mesmerizing textures

This piece is thought provoking. The artist actually squeeze black acrylic out of a square tube. All these acrylic strands and pile on top of each other again and again to form the shapes. Once they are dried, silver paint is painted on top to give it the shine.

Son Pio


Our own Stephen Menon and his inks

Stephen Menon is one of my favourite artist. I discovered him about a year ago and fell in love with his vibrant and bold paintings in ink.

Suhaimi Fadzir


Takato Yamamoto


Takato Yamamoto


Yeo Eng Peng


Yutaka Okada 


Zhang Yu Xi

This painting is bigger than my living room. #ifyoucantmakeitgoodmakeitbig

Close up of Zhang Yu Xi massive painting

The linework is impeccable. Sharp, connected and very clean.

Zhong Ling and her catwomen 


Zhong Ling

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