Erin and I went for the Blogger’s event for the private first view of Senka, Ma Cherie and ZA in Shiseido’s main office. We were greeting by darling cupcakes and tea desserts while the lady was presenting the mega line up to us.
Japan’s Ma Cherie is a collection of hair care products that claims to give volume to flat hair, do some extensive repair and tame dry and unruly hair. It’s a common promise that all hair care brands declare but I find that the Hair Oil really does wonders to my hair.

The product is a lightweight hairstyling produced called Perfect Shower 60ml RM39.90, it comes in 3 types – Smooth for straight hair, Moist for adding moisture and Wave for curls. I tried it and it smells wonderful. It’s a new kind of hairstyling product that conditions your hair to look healthier, not the kind that sets it in place.

The packaging are still in Japanese, but now all these in the local stores they will all be in our local languages.

The Hair Oil RM39.90 is a lightweight leave in conditioner that repair and protects hair from styling tools’ heat. I used it and it tamed my curls immediately! The photo on the right is taken right after I used the product. Do you know that it is good to apply a conditioner similar to this just before curling your hair to reduce the damage of heat? Some products can even make your curls last longer and add a shine to the curls as well.

 ZA is commonly found in pharmacies and their young lineup of models in their ads have targeted the young teenagers in Malaysia well. I always browse the makeup in pharmacies and owned a few ZA products myself. I think all of us have one or two when we were young.

The new ZA Killer Volume Mascara is a waterproof, clump free and smudge free formula that is also resistant to tears. The swatch is in the photo above, it dries fast and stay glossy black. I am currently using this everytime I makeup. The trouble with mascara is when you apply the second coat, the new coat clumps on to the previous dry coat. So for overlaying many coats, the formula needs to be relatively slow drying. But not that slow until it destroys your eye makeup when you blink. This mascara does just the trick. It dries right after I am done with 3 coats. Wee.

As for the Perfect Fit 2 Way Foundation in the lower right photo above, it claims to last up to 8 hours and gives a pore-less, smooth finish to your face. The sponge provided contain plant fibers that is gentle to skin.

The 3 eyeshadow palettes are all friendly swatches that is easy to mix and match for any occasion. I believe the pink palette will be the tricky one to use due to its darkest shade in plum red.

That’s the swatches for the eyeshadow palettes.

The Perfect Fit Concealer offers natural coverage for dark circles, spots, freckles and blemishes. As you can see above, the formula is non-cakey, non-drying which means it is slightly sticky. Something like Perfect Concealer or the Benefit’s Erase Paste. For formulae like this, make sure you have loose powder ready to set in the concealer. It will appear to be slightly glossy if you forget to do this.

Senka is a truly Japanese skincare brand that promotes safe and trustworthy products developed with advanced technology. The famous top selling cleanser in Japan, Perfect Whip Rm19.90 whips up a good bubbly foam that leaves your skin fresh and smooth after cleansing.

Their lightest makeup remover formula is the Perfect Gel RM 19.90, which promises a gentle cleansing solution for light makeup. 

Perfect Watery Oil RM 49.90 is a makeup remover that works even with wet hands. It works wonderfully on mascara.

If you are looking for a makeup remover and cleanser all in one, try the Perfect Liquid RM 39.90.

A second facial wash after using this is not necessary. However, for a faster solution when it comes to blackheads, waterproof mascara and eyeliners, go for the Perfect Oil RM 39.90.

Erin was raving about their UV Protection Gel, the 27 pa is really lightweight and not sticky at all. It smooths evenly without any unsightly white patches.

These lotions are made from whitening essence. They contain vitamin c to brighten your skin tone and boast of a 96% satisfaction in Japanese consumers. They are both priced at RM 39.90 each. Don’t worry about the japanese words in the products, local pharmacies now hold these brands in local languages.

Ok beauty blogger signing off, artist signing back on. phew.