Recently, I took Johnny’s camera for a test drive. His Canon EOS 550d can do wonders with videos and I wanted to do some videography again. But with a good camera, I couldn’t resist making a makeup tutorial. With no photographer, I raped his camera.

I put in Ringo’s flashgun, jacked a USB cable from it to my Mac and use DSLR Remote Pro. Set it up to use a remote and started shooting my photos. (His lens can go up to 1.8.. the dof is damn nais T_T )

Anyway this is a 2 part tutorial covering makeup and hair. The hair tutorial will be up this Friday. 🙂

Start by applying a dark brown shade for your eyebrows.

After that, use a shimmery white eyeshadow for the browbone. Then frame your eyes with this color like above.

When you are done, use a shimmery grey color and frame your eyes again. This time get closer to the lashlines.

Now, use a black eyeshadow and frame your lashline like above. Get as close to the lashline as possible and spend as much time as you can in this step to make sure that the colour is really really black.

Further define your lashline with a pencil eyeliner.

Use a liquid eyeliner and go over your pencil eyeliner. Make your lashline as black as you can. Keep your lines very thin.

Glam up with mascara. Make sure you coat every single lash. The key to this look is dark, volumnious lashes

Wear false lashes. If you have lower lashes, it is time to wear them!

Apply a light pink blusher, put on a pale lipstick and finish up with gloss.

The result is a intense makeup that draws attention to your beautiful eyes 🙂

It looks great from every angle, especially if you use long lashes.

And the best thing is no matter what camera you use, your eyes will be really defined since you spent a really long time on the lashes and liner. It keeps your lashline and lashes thick, dark and sultry.