Last week, I went to Shoeville’s shop opening at Bangsar Shopping Center. Coincidentally, that day was also KY‘s birthday. I went there holding a rose awkwardly, trying to decide whether I should hide or stand at the entrance. Lol.

The event is hosted by Pauline and Celine. They prepped some Subway sandwiches and wine for us. Pauline is detailed enough to even include vegetarian sandwiches.

The shoes that they have are all imported. Some are from Brazil and all of them are made from cow’s leather. They also said that they will be bringing in fish skin? That will be quite interesting! The brands that they have areΒ Satryani,Β Via Uno,Β Raphaella Booz andΒ Biondini. In the montage above are some Via Uno shoes. They are widely copied and resold in Bangkok’s Platinum Mall for around RM75. This however, are the real Via Uno. The leather is soft and the cutting is very comfortable.

Eiling and me. All of us feasted on the lollipops, M & M’s and Subway sandwiches. The wine that they serve taste really good. I think it is dessert wine. Yumz..

Adele, me and Tziaaa munching on Subway sandwiches.

I have finally gained weight! 1 month into the relationship, I gained over 7 kg. Now have to liquify photos already. T_T

They had this contest where we need to pick our favourite pair of heels and give a short pep talk on why its our fave. 3 lucky winners got RM400 voucher to spend. It is equivalent to the price of a pair of heels there. Its really high class heels, I wished I had won but I couldn’t compete with Eiling (we chose the same shoe). She can really talk. 0_0 All I know is how to fix rubik’s cube. T_T

In the end, all the other girls went away with RM80 voucher. Tis was a fun event πŸ™‚ Thank you Jestina for the invite. πŸ˜€
Shoeville is definitely worth a visit if you are into shoes.