Open stall 10 am

1. Remove black cloth, keep clamp in box

2. Place paintings as in photo


3. Take easel from under right table, clamp the tall goldfish painting on it.

4. Check price tags and rearrange products etc

5. Small cash change clamped together is in cabinet to the left

6. CC card terminal is in same location

Sales and enquiries

1. Give name card n flyer

2. Right table below long macaron paintings are all prints. Left table n all big paintings are originals

3. Can give up to 100 bucks discount, Goldfish huge painting can discount to 3-4k

CC card terminal

1. Press green button

2. Enter price, press enter

3. Slot card in, do not swipe

4. It will prompt for price again, DO NOT enter price again. Press enter

5. Verify price is correct.

6. Give for pin code. Press green button if they din press

7. Wait for receipt.

8. Print customer copy, Give them receipt and card same time


1. In cabinet to the right theres a yellow box. Inside got butter paper(looks like baking sheet) and mini cling wrap.

2. Use the butter paper for small paintings. Wrap n secure with tape/string then give them. There are no paper bags

3.For big painting, cover surface with butter paper. Tape in place. Then use mini cling wrap to wrap the sides only.

4. Inside the yellow box there’s Audrey Hepburn cards and envelopes. Can give as free gift.


1. If sold di, then rearrange table to use up the space. If really no space then ask KY to bring fridge magnets.

Closing up 9pm depending on crowd

1. Got 2 luggage bags. White one is for medium – small artwork. Teal bag is for ALL boxes. Open both of them on floor.

2. Put all big paintings that won’t fit in any bag one side. Make sure price tag is stuck on them. Remove all boxes underneath them.

3. Take down small paintings, remove putty behind and stick label behind painting. Keep the putty in the putty bag(yellow box)

4. Keep all tools & accessories in yellow box.


List of items that cannot fit inside bag n need to hand carry.

1. Big paintings

2. White light.

3. 2 wood rack for painting

4. Black metal easel

5. Collapsible aluminium table.


5. There’s a small cardboard box in luggage bag. Put all bag charms inside.

6. Fit all small paintings, coasters and postcards inside. Make sure labels are all stuck on product.

7. Put 2 multi plugs, label maker and cc terminal inside.



7. Now only left desk furnitures, yellow box & cloth

8. Stack all boxes. If done correctly will only have 4 set. Each set inside 3 boxes.

9. Take out all lights, roll the wire n clip it with the light clamp.

10. Keep lights inside wooden box

11. Tetris all wooden box inside teal bag.

12. Put all clamps, tools, plugs, stationery, name cards & flyers inside yellow box n put inside. Tetris yellow box in

13. If inside any boxes got space then stuff cloth inside. Got black cloth, checkered cloth and nude cloth.

Everything is ours except table and the white wood pallet box next to it.