It has certainly been some time since I last blogged about anything beauty huh? Anyway, I was invited by Tammy to Shu Uemura’s Holiday Collection launch. Vinn was invited too, and I know for sure she will be psyched. She was grinning ear to ear the whole morning. 😀

Wong Kar Wai inspired collection for Shu Uemura

I love bokeh inspired photography. It is so magical, full of sparkles and glitter. Perfect for the holiday occasion when you are dancing to the music under the stars. And to top it off, it is by Wong Kar Wai.. only ze most influential director in Hong Kong.

All the outlet's glammed up for the holidays!

One note before we start, the lashes and cosmetics are already like limited in numbers when we showed up. So if you want your collection, you best head to the nearest Shu Uemura now!

The collection breathes magic fairy dusts in the cinematic wonderland

There are 2 color palletes that includes blusher and shimmers, a brush set, hologram cleansing oil and 2 dramatic lashes. Also included is the luminous powder for a glowing face and a glitter mascara. Very princessy.

Our early morning party was fun!

We we shown 2 different looks for this collection. If you see the visuals of this packaging, it is very Chungking Express. Remember the thick mascara and red lipstick.. with jet black hair. That’s the look.

Drowning in flames

The first pallete is Drowning in Flames with a dramatic lashes.This is also the featured look on most of the packaging.

Burning in water

Next is a softer pastel color pallete, Burning in Water which is just as pretty with the subtle lashes.

Me with Vinn, Shirley and Tammy

Shirley was our host that morning and was lovely to us.

My Makeover

I had my makeover done just for the contest. What contest? Hehe, you get to win a customized couture evening gown by Jonathan Cheng worth RM 3000.

Remember to join this contest!

Just show up at any Shu Uemura outlet and get your makeover. Take a photo and submit it to the Shu Uemura Facebook page. That’s it!

Oh. Make sure you get your friends to like your photo. 😀