Do you want to apply makeup but do not want to look overdone with a plastic mask on your face?
Then this makeup is perfect for you! It enhances your features, making you prettier.. think of it as a makeup plastic surgery thingie!
Model for today : Pearl Lim from!
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Apply concealer on your eyelids, nose area and around your lips.
Powder up with loose powder for light coverage.
After that, apply white eyeshadow on your brow bone, the area right under your brows.
After that, use a peach shimmer eyeshadow and apply all over your eyelids.. The trend now is shimmer! Light, feminine shades of shimmer!!! Get yours quick!!
Then use a silver shimmer and apply near the lashline, blending upwards.

This is how it looks with the eyes open, the trick is to keep shades light so that they don’t overshadow your features..The star is your best features, not the makeup!

After that apply dark grey eyeshadow near the upper lashline in the outer corner and blend slightly upwards.

Your eyelid crease should still be visible!
After that, apply blue shimmer on your lower lash line. This blue line makes your eye white seems whiter and enlarges your eyes as well. Its good for your eye if you have red eyes or yellow eyes.. on that day.
After that, use a black liner pencil and draw the thinnest line you can right on the lashline. Stay right on the lash line. Just do the outer corner of your eye.
Then use black liquid liner and do an extremely thin line for your upper lash line.
Why thin? So that it does not makes your crease look any shallower.
Finish off with a light peach blusher.
Glam up with mascara and fake lashes if you are going out at night.
For the lips, apply lip balm and shade in concealer on your lip outline. Smudge towards the center until you get a slightly nude lips look. Then finish off with lip gloss over your lips!
If your lips are darker in shade on the upper lip or lip outline, this is where the concealer hides them and turns them back into a healthy hue of skin before you apply your lip gloss!
Lastly, use the white eyeshadow and apply on the tip of your nose and right on top of your cheekbone to give them a lift!

You know you got your lips right when you can see the outline of your upper lips.. like above!

For your hair, separate into 2 parts: left & right. Then separate them into 2 again into top & bottom.
For the 2 bottom parts, curl towards your face. and for the upper parts, curl away from your face.
Give it a shake and you are ready to go!
You can’t go wrong with this makeup! Its so feature friendly!
Remember to give a sweet smile when you pose for the camera!

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