When I was in high school, I had a friend who suddenly decided to improve her skin. She brought a tupperware with some white yogurt-like substance, she claimed that there is growing bacterias there that would help improve her skin. ??

Curious as I am, I was interested! She used it regularly (she slapped them on her skin thickly) and her skin improved within 3 weeks time just by using some natural substance.

Here am I, holding a bottle of wholesome goodness for the skin containing Pitera. It is not the same yogurt, I do not know, maybe it is..maybe it is not. I was only 16 then, what do i know. But Pitera is a metabolic solution generated in the fermentation process of a unique stain of yeast.

Sounds like yogurt yet? lol.. but the Japanese had done it again, this is good stuff hence the overwhelming price but this is like an Apple product compared to the other Windows hurt-my-eyes nonsense.

I went for an advertorial at SK-II, Isetan KLCC without knowing what is gonna happen. When I found out that there will be a skin test, thought bubbles popped out in thousands-I was so scared that my skin will be reported as the worse ok. It is like going to the hospital when you are already convinced you are sick yet you are in a denial about it. lol.

I was immensely relieved when I found out that my SPQ is number 3. Its the best ok!! Eventhough I do not wash my face or apply any skincare at all. No joke. The most I use is my body shower. hehe. I am that blessed.
Nevertheless, I can see all the wrinkles building up, leading to SPQ2. It struck a fear I have never known before.


Then the nice young lady showed me the chart of products I should use to keep the current skin I have, all I could see is the prices. Its expensive!!

But then she tried the products on my hand, and god.. it felt. so darn good. looks better. fairer.

Its ironic that we sacrifice our beauty and youth for money and when we have money, we have to buy back our beauty and health.

I need to take care of my skin now!

Eiling, Redmummy and ThatGirlCynthia got their skin tested at SK-II. We were all presented with a xmas goodie bag too! Happiness**

KY dropped by from his office and was dragged for the skin test. He looked as if he is in pain. HAHA! Oops.. can’t make fun of others, not good. not good. I think he is a SP3 too, but the memory was vague cuz all I could hear is, “Haze, they said I have thick skin!!”

*vain* I look good. I should be their ambassador. This could be the poster. Then I could get many many products from them and my life would be complete 😀 The chicken puff they served was really delicious too!

Cynthia and me, if you remember.. Cynthia and I go way back. I did her banner for herblogshop. I always thought that she is too pretty to be standing next to me in a photo. Awed from her glowing face.

Perfect group photo :
1. SK-II background CHECK
2. Pretty chicks CHECK
3. Nice lighting CHECK
4. Bystander in the background doing a peace sign CHECK

Cynthia, Red, Pink Stilleto, Eiling and Me.

Oh, yea.. bystander : Nicholas.

OK! I need to go get some SK-II products! It is TIME I have some skin care after 23 years of jakun life. I look so good right now, if I look any worse I wouldn’t be able to face my mirror anymore.