Nuffnang Awards is here again and I am lucky to be invited to the glamorous event. was nominated for Best Food Blog and we were both praying hard for a favorable result.

Dressed for the night

It has been some time since I last posted up any beauty tutorial. Mostly because I do not have a good camera or a photographer nowadays but recently, KY had purchased a really good lens for his Olympus E-PL3. With an extremely shallow depth of field, the photos are beautiful. My beauty blog is alive once more!


I find it restricting if I only use a certain pigment or pallete from a brand each time for the tutorial. The reason being that everybody have different sets of makeup and it does not mean that you need to purchase a new makeup set every time you want a new look, just follow the advice from experts like the Waterlilies And Company. Pigments come in different colors and to have a good start, you need to have as many colors as you can in either matte or shimmery finish. For dry skin and skin with acne problems, stay with matte colors as shimmery colors will aggravate your skin problems. So for my tutorials henceforth, I will only state the color of the pigment and you can use the closest color you have in your personal set.

Also, for new readers.. I usually skip right to the eye makeup. Therefore, prior to following any of my tutorials you would want to do the following:

  1. Apply moisturizer, lotion, base or any preparatory skin care serum. This will smooth your skin and defend it from all the plastic that will get on to your skin soon.
  2. Using a sponge, apply foundation all over your face thinly. It makes a lot of difference if you use a sponge compared to a brush or fingers. Sponge application is smoother where else brush application takes skill and fingers are for emergencies. For areas where you feel that you need more coverage to cover spots, you can apply a second layer. However, you do need to avoid your laugh lines and eye bag areas as this will aggravate your wrinkles and make your face looks dry.
  3. Using a concealer brush, dab concealer on spots and eye bags to make them disappear. It is easier to use cake concealer compared to liquid ones as they can cover your spots easier and quicker. For the eye bags area, it is a balance between looking good close up or far away. If you are making up for a photoshoot, by all means use more concealer as photoshop will be there to save the day but if you are going out for an afternoon brunch, make sure your application is thick enough to conceal but thin enough not to cake up.
  4. Using a face brush, brush on face powder on your face until your face appear matt and smooth. Do not use the sponge provided, the application will be too thick and unnatural.

Esmeria Eye Gel to reduce puffiness

This time, I use Esmeria’s Eye Gel on my eye bags. I will be wearing a lot of eye makeup and lashes later so I have to protect my eyes first. This new product helps to reduce deep wrinkles, firm the skin around the eyes, protect against dryness, protect DNA level and enhance healing.

Just a little will do

A little dab goes a long way, I let it set in for a few seconds.

Cool pink for the cheeks

Once the base and powdering is all done, I apply the blusher first and follow by contouring my face.

Cool pink for the brow bone

After that I begin by filling in my brows to a light brown color and apply pale pinkish purple color to the brow bone.

Rough in the white shade for the inner corner

Then I roughly apply some white pigment in the outer corner of my eye. I am not too worry about the shape as I will be filling this part again with white eyeliner later on.

Dark pale blue for the base

I apply the dark pale blue for the lids, followed by shocking cerulean blue near the inner corners. The key to good makeup is blending. No matter what color you use, you must always blend the edges to be as soft as possible.

Dark purple for the shadows

After that I use a dark dark purple for the outer corners of the eye.

Dollywink lashes for top and bottom

For the finishing touch, I apply black eyeliner on my lash lines and white eyeliner in the outer corner of the eye. I stick heavy lashes to my eyes. If you are looking for a more dramatic makeup, make sure that the lashes you use have a soft bone or else you will be in pain halfway through your event.

Pale pink lip gloss to finish

I wanted the look to be a little more dramatic so I applied some dark brown pigment to the sides of my nose near my eyes. Then I finish off with nude lipliner and a pale pink lip gloss.

Simple hairdo

Hairdo is a simple affair of putting some clips and then I am off to the awards!

Janice and I at the Nuffnang Awards

I met Janice at the event, she was my client back when I still do blog design. KY’s blog didn’t win Best Food Blog but Ringo’s blog won Best Fashion Blog! I guess this means that one of the blogs that I designed had won! Yay! I am also currently trying to upgrade her blog but couldn’t find time yet. Boohoo.

Esmeria 5 Effect Eye Gel

Thank you for reading, btw you can purchase the Esmeria Ultimate 5-Effect Eye Gel at RM49.90 and the Ultimate 5-Repair Eye Gel is RM59.90 for 15ml.