Simple Air Stewardess Look

I did this look for Diana, who went for her interview for UAE Airlines. Both of us woke up at 6 am, rushed to the hotel and I have to do her makeup real fast!

Apply concealer and foundation on your face. Set it with face powder.

I apply dark brown colour eyeshadow for her eyebrows using an angled brush. After that I dusted her eyebags with translucent loose powder. This makes sure that any loose eyeshadow colour pigments that falls onto the eyebag will not leave a smear and can be dusted away in the end.

After that I apply white eyeshadow on her brow bone to give it a lift.

After that I use a light pink colour over her lids and I blend towards her brow bone.

I continue to build up the colours using a dark grey colour near hear upper lash line. I blend properly to make sure that the colours have a nice gradient to it.

Then I use black eyeshadow on an angled brush and line her lower lash line and upper lash line. After that I blend it upwards to create a smokey effect.

After that, I use pencil eyeliner and line her eyes.

I use mascara on her lashes. Diana have really long lashes, jeles max.

To prep her lips, I use lip balm to soften it and applied concealer around the edges of her mouth. It's important to apply the concealer so that when I apply the red lipstick, it is neat and her lips will be well defined.

I filled her lips carefully with red lipstick using a lip brush.

After that, all that's left is to apply blusher on her cheek! I use a pale pink shade for this.

Simple Air Stewardess Look

The effect is a very clean look that is professional enough for an air stewardess!