It’s no secret that I love jewelry and accessories. I used to wear a huge selection of them everytime I go for classes in university. But since I have graduated, I stopped that habit mainly because they are so expensive for me to own. I think it’s my destiny to have my own jewelry brand one day. When I grow up. 🙂

And so that was what I told Tammy, and to my delight she invited me to Suen Jewelry‘s high tea party in Bangsar. Cupcakes greeted us on the table. It was a wonderful afternoon for high tea.

The lovely ladies that were there (clockwise) : Reiko, Povy, Rabiatul and Kat Leong from Suen

Suen Jewelry is a boutique in Bangsar, with a collection of jewelry brands which they import from all around the world. All these brands are very established and comes with stunning pieces that is designed to blow your mind away. Suen have their own collection as well in limited edition, which I think is quite achievable when their factory is just next to them. Convenient.

Suen Jewelry stretches along three stores in Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. The setting of the boutique is not so much of a regular “sit down and look at jewelry” boutique. It’s vast, with sofas and lavishly decorated tables scattered around the space. There’s a grand piano as well. Really breathtaking. Pieces of jewelry and interior pieces decorated the place. There are display cases which showcases the jewelry in it’s best light.

The setting is done with one objective in mind, customer service. Everyone is treated with poise, dignity, like a royalty but most of all, you will feel rich and very glamorous. Take the food for example, they are all the best selection. Even the door gift that they gave us, the sweets were imported and our USB thumb drive is metallic, the most expensive and beautiful thumb drive I now own.

Open for bookings for proposal parties, engagements and events.. this is a very clever way of driving in customers and guests when you are situated in a Bangsar area where there is no walk in customers. Valet is of course, well prepared and provided.

Lalique is one of the first brands that we were introduced to. The brand is created by René Jules Lalique during the 1880s in France. His designs are mostly Art Nouveau, think Alfons Mucha and whiplash curves. They are famous for his glass sculptures with a matte vs glossy finish. If you take a look at the panther, you could tell that the body is matte finished, but the spots are glossy.

The finishing is more apparent in the apple, the leaves are glossy where else the fruit itself is matte. This play of contrast between finishing gives the sculpture dimensions and enchants the beholder’s eye in discovering more hidden delights within the design. The purple vase is from Daum.

Daum’s crystals are well known. Established since 1878, they specialize in translucent and vibrant colored glass/crystal sculptures. I especially love the blue pendant, it is actually very affordable in 3 digits. 🙂 Very beautiful and I am sure you will feel like a different woman altogether when you wear this.

Hodel Jewelry is a Swiss brand famous for their pearl designs. These are the extravagant pieces a woman with stature could hope to own. A bodyguard might be a good idea as well.

Soon to be married couples would find the Love Diamond collection a delight. Suen, the founder of Suen Jewelry used to be involved in The Carat Club with her ex-husband and Love Diamond was hatched from The Carat Club. We have the luck and honour to meet Suen in person and I was personally blown away by her.

In my life, I have only met 2 women who have this aura about them.. the silent powerful lady. At first glance, you would already be like “Wow, she’s got class and she’s capable.” Everything a woman should be and I vowed silently that I want to be like them when I grow up. If you are interested in this, you might want to check out finishing schools and social etiquette of this sort.

Designs(clockwise) : inner engraved hearts ring, hammered ring, a strip of diamond band on the rings that can be rotated, a mix of gold for the love eternally ring

Anyway, back to Love Diamonds.. the reason why I said its perfect for couples is cuz of one reason. The stones might not have crazy carat counts, but the cut of the stone is what makes the diamond sparkle so brilliantly. And that is the most important thing for a woman, Kat told us. And the low carat count is friendly for the husband as well. 😉

Of course, if you want a bigger stone… they can do that too.

Mr. Samuel from Italy presented the Le Rêve collection to us. The pendant above can be separated or snapped together to be one pendant. You could engrave a message on the plate behind the snake. The collection that was introduced to us that day was the 12 Chinese Zodiac collection.

Reiko is so dazzling with the dragon necklace. The entire necklace is adorned with red rubies, however there is still room for the necklace to flex and fit around your neck. The workmanship shines when you touch the surface which is surprisingly smooth despite the amount of stones and carvings on it.

I am wearing the squirrel rings. Is love animal rings! LOVE.


That’s OhFishie with the elephant ring. So adorable!!!! CikLilyPutih paired this elephant ring wiht the snake ring, causing a fight on the fingers! So creative.

Do check them out aight.

SUEN Jewellers
No.119, Jalan Maarof,
Jalan Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 603-2284 8618
Fax : 603-2284 8663