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Manicure and Fashion Design for Sequence!


ATTENTION! For those who have paid for the 88 and 78 pigment palletes… I just got the latest update, the stock will arrive on 20th April 2009. I will collect and package immediately on that day unless they…

Invitation to Sequence Fashion Show


Are you wondering why the posts are less frequent the last week? hehe.. It’s cuz I was busy wrapping things up for my fashion show! For one, I designed the poster.. nice onot!!!

Fleur De Lis Bazaar


BlushBerry will be at Fleur De Lis this Friday in case you miss the freaking big header up above. We are so busy preparing for Fleur De Lis, if I do any makeup tutorials or photoshoots now I…

Lacquer & Lace : Tatiana Boots Review


Recently, I bought a pair of Tatiana boots from Lacquer & Lace.. I mean who can resist.. it looks fantastic.. as seen in Sex in the City, worn by Sarah Jessica Parker. I was so excited that I…