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Tag - design

Kronenbourg Art Festival – Love


I am finally back at home, still bed-ridden but feeling happier. Last Kronenbourg post before I update you guys on my cyborg leg. :p Our last adventure took place in Ecoba, the boisterous pub. By this time, both…

Kronenbourg Art Festival – Food (Sexy Marie)


The truth is this post were all prepared by Vinn. I am now in Putrajaya Hospital, i sorta broke my ankle. Both bones and they are being held by some screws and metals now. Can’t really walk, it…

Carlsberg Mural Part 5 – Elephants & Walls


My car’s road tax were overdued. I had to take KY‘s car. It broke down halfway with an unsettling boiling steam sound. FML. I sent to the mechanics and it seems like the coolant leaked cuz it was…

Carlsberg Mural Part 4 – Chasing Cars & Breaking Bricks


We had this great idea of putting our cars in the painting. Since I have a Satria and Vinn has her Myvi, it is going to be in the painting. No one would notice it unless they look…

Carlsberg Mural part 3 – Sand & Stones


Ok, it’s easy. The staffs painted the base for us. The colours were one layered, there were hordes of paint left. Fine. we’ll clean up all the graffiti. Give it a nice gradient. Reline them. Simple. And they…

Carlsberg Mural Part 1 – Lines


Recently, Paintlust has been commissioned by Carlsberg for a wall mural. The project is huge, spanning across 3 walls. We prepared some mock ups for the walls, surprisingly the 2 main walls were approved immediately. However, the last…

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