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Mini Cooper S – Driver Training


2 weeks ago, I went to the Mini Driver Training with KY, Kimberlycun and ShaolinTiger at Sepang. It was the most overkill-managed event I been to, ever. We were given tags with our own name and breakfast is…

A Series of Unpredictable Events


Finally the new blog design is up! Now I get to blog comfortably within wordpress and not some Joomla nonsense. Picking up from Tenggol, after a few weeks from that my life started going at 300 km/h.

Portfolio Updates


Web Design & Development Hazelong.com My new blog design. Simple enough for me to have a new toy up soon.. you’ll see you’ll see.. KYspeaks.com KY’s new blog design. Comes with side thumbnails and a food map as…



After my dad’s funeral, I went for a much needed vacation with KY (WAS STILL SINGLE THEN OK!!) to Tenggol. On the way there my head was flooded with my past, felt so heavy with the pain of…

Lady Gaga Makeup Look


I’ve always wanted to do the Lady Gaga look since like forever but didn’t have the opportunity or effort to do so. Now I can!! This photoshoot is done by KY at his (our) place. I finally get…

Trattoria Cucina Italiana


Last week I went to the biggest buffet style food review ever. I have never seen so much food in my life. Good food too. Everyone was pacing their stomach but we did not know the amount of…