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Daily Makeup 0724

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My makeup – Tight smokey eyes in black and champagne, frosty pink lips with bronzed cheeks Cheesie‘s makeup – Nude eyes with eyeliner and glitter on lower lash line. Lots of mascara and hot red lipstick.

Save that makeup!


So I went to Sephora and came back with a huge haul. Then I decided to get some bags and cases to clean up my makeup. And I spent the whole night reorganizing my makeup. Then I stumbled…

Fake that lid


  This is something fun that I’ve did today. If you are mono lid then this is the tutorial for you to get that double eyelids going. However, if you have double eyelids, you can still do this…

Easy Cupid Lips


I just realized that if I consolidate my tutorials to a simple one jpeg view ala 9gag style, it is easier to digest. Don’t you think? Anyway, today’s tutorial is Easy Cupid Lips..kissable puckers that look sexy and…

20 Quick Beauty cheat sheets


Hola. I have collected these for quite some time already and I would love to share them with you girls.. Have fun! Not sure of what beauty bloggers and tubers are referring to when you are reading a…

Warm Smokey Eyes


Recently I bought a camera and could finally continue with my makeup tutorials. Yay! Today’s look is a warm maroon smokey eye makeup for days when you have clear, healthy eyes. Using red eyeshadow can be challenging, in…