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Horoscope Makeup Look : Pisces


Finally got a chance to do a photoshoot, not me again this time. I would like to introduce my cousin, Minako. She has a look that is similar to Zemotion, I think. Its a very artistic face and…

Photoshoot with Joe Low


Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!! Chinese New Year is a celebration where you get to fatten up your wallet at the expense of being boiled to death by the weather. My Chinese New Year was non-existent cuz my dad…

Chinese New Year.Valentines Look 2010


Chinese New Year coming di….and the depression is doubled with Valentines! I think I meant happiness. Let me guess, a lot of couples will be separated cuz they have to go back to their respective hometowns this year.…

Horoscope Makeup Look : Aquarius


This look goes out to all the fun loving dreamers that are under the Aquarius star sign. I hate you for being so friendly and easy going, other people like me have to work twice as hard. I…

Horoscope Makeup Look : Capricorn


I am back!!!! I have resurfaced again from the dead and am once again among the living. I can’t believe I had such a great haircut by Raymond at Shunji Matsuo Mid Valley and I did not make…

Makeup & Hair in 7 Minutes and 20 seconds


Rushing to an event or dinner but you just do not have the luxury to spend half an hour to do your makeup and hair? You can get similar results in less than 8 minutes!