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Ladybirds manicure


Recently did a ladybird manicure for myself then realized I gotta cut my nails to play piano. >_< This is by far the most challenging I have done. Gah. Tools:  Red, black, green nail polish Nail art pen/marker…

Ombre snow pink manicure


Another manicure I did for Celine during Kim’s Hen’s Night. This manicure was really fun to do! I love love love ombre. Tools: Pink nail polish Sponge Glitter nail polish, I used China Glaze Let it Snow Nail…

Cupcake Manicure!


Tralaala… I did this for Sin Loo during Kim’s Hen’s Night in Cherating. You can get the same thing too! Just read on. Tools: Nail polish in any color you like Diamantes.. optional Nail art pens or markers…