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Photography Trip to Butterfly Farm

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Something soft focus to start the story. I have this urge to make up a bedtime story. Please indulge me. Twice upon this time, amongst the lilac forest, there lived a kingdom of butterflies. Omg really?.. Please one.…

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Sexy Eyes makeup look


Recently, I took Johnny’s camera for a test drive. His Canon EOS 550d can do wonders with videos and I wanted to do some videography again. But with a good camera, I couldn’t resist making a makeup tutorial.…

Lady Gaga Makeup Look


I’ve always wanted to do the Lady Gaga look since like forever but didn’t have the opportunity or effort to do so. Now I can!! This photoshoot is done by KY at his (our) place. I finally get…

Explicit Looks : Diamonds


diamonds are a girl’s best friend.. Looking at them makes you feel lighter, happier and prettier.. ya right.. here’s a rich tutorial for you!

The Sun is your Best Friend


i noticed a pattern in my sales today… i realized that yall don’t like to bank in ur payment during the 2nd half of the month. but when the 1st week of the month comes, all the payment…