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Dell Design Studio : Make it Yours!


:D:D:D:D Happies** Do you know why I love design so much? It is because of the fact that when I can foresee my end result being so awesomesauce and that causes my heart to go into an adrenaline…

Explicit Looks : Diamonds


diamonds are a girl’s best friend.. Looking at them makes you feel lighter, happier and prettier.. ya right.. here’s a rich tutorial for you!

Explicit : White Doll + Black Doll Twins look


First of all, i apologize for breaking my promises so many fucking times. yes i cursed cuz i feel terrible. i have been caught up with so many work that everytime i need to do those work, blushberry…

Celebrity Looks : Drew Barrymore


This look is getting more and more popular.. The alternative smoky eye, instead of starting from the lash line. It starts from our crease. No eyebrows and nude lips. Works best if you have light coloured eyes.

Photoshop Advance : Digital Makeover


Yo! Was busy with the bazaar.. it is finally over!!!! My photographer went awol but there is a photoshoot planned tomorrow/wednesday, so makeup tutorials coming back soon yea..

Celebrity Looks : Jennifer Lopez


Hey hey, from now on there will be a few changes implemented into Blushberry like so : 1. Daily Posts will be compacted into a single post for the day 2. Proper english and punctuation will be used…