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Celebrity Looks : Keira Knightley


Hey girls!! Today, we’ll start something new! Mimicking celebrities’ looks and makeups! Well.. to start off the series.. we will try and get the Keira Knightley Look. ps. Our final photo has been retouched to match the background,…

Keira Knightley Bad Photoshop


While researching for our new post we came across something disturbing. First of all, we all know that Keira Knightley is flat. We love her for who she is, regardless but some people are just so sick. Look…

Photoshop Quickie Part 4 : Plastic Surgery


The last 3 lessons we learnt about correcting contrasts and colour, erasing pimples and moles, and last week we learn how to get smooth skin..This week we are going to teach you the greatest secret. If you feel…

Photoshop Quickie Part 3 : Smooth Skin Galore!


Hey girls.. welcome to the 3rd part of our photoshop quickie series.In our first tutorial, you learnt how to transform this : to this by adjusting the contrast and colour levels:If you missed the first tutorial, you can…

Photoshop Quickie Part 2 : Acne and Pimples Away!


Hey girls.. welcome to Photoshop Quickie Part II!Today, I will show you how to erase your skin flaws away.. your pimples.. moles.. wrinkles.. you can take them all away in Photoshop using just 1 tool!

Photoshop Quickie Part 1 : Instant Beauty


Hey girls, this is my first post on using Photoshop to enhance your beauty in photos. Each tutorial will be short, fun and easy to understand.As this is my first post about photoshop, let me introduce the software…