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Photoshoot with Joe Low


Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!! Chinese New Year is a celebration where you get to fatten up your wallet at the expense of being boiled to death by the weather. My Chinese New Year was non-existent cuz my dad…

How to Pose like a Model : Bffs


Hey yall! Its been some time since we posted anything in the How to Pose series! Let’s recap on what we posted in the series before we move unto today’s post :

How to Pose like a Model : Dress


This post is a continuation from the full length posing tutorial.. It is basically a full length dress posing tutorial.

How to Pose like a Model : Full Length


Here is the long awaited post! We had so many photos that we decided to split this post into 2. Today’s article is a basic full length posing if you are dressed in pants/shorts and a top. On…

How to Pose like a Model : Close Ups


Part 1: Close ups Part 2: Full Length posing Part 3: Posing with friends Part 4: Advanced model : Vinn Pang