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Foruchizu’s launch

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I am sure everyone is buzzing about Ringo’s and Audrey’s fashion label Foruchizu. From what Ringo told me, the name of the label actually comes from their names, which is so clever. Fourfeetnine + Cheeserland = FourCheese. Foruchizu.…

A Series of Unpredictable Events


Finally the new blog design is up! Now I get to blog comfortably within wordpress and not some Joomla nonsense. Picking up from Tenggol, after a few weeks from that my life started going at 300 km/h.

Portfolio Updates


Web Design & Development Hazelong.com My new blog design. Simple enough for me to have a new toy up soon.. you’ll see you’ll see.. KYspeaks.com KY’s new blog design. Comes with side thumbnails and a food map as…

A Cut Above BSC Launch Preview


Hey lovelies!! Updates are slow cuz I am transferring all the posts in this blog to my new website!! In the new website you no longer have to slow million miles down, all pictures for tutorials have been…

Cheeserland new header + Mad Tea Party!!


You are all invited to the Mad Tea Party! Step 1 : Check out www.alicewonders.com Drool over all the nice bags there.. over your budget?? It’s ok!!