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Getting What You Pay for your Web Design & Development

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This post is for people who hire freelancers or web design/development companies to do their web design. I can safely say that I spend a good deal of time dealing with friends who have problems with their newly…



I was featured in News Straits Times – Life & Times section yesterday.. I have also completed 2 websites lately.. Jojostruys.com Blivene.com And a logo for Pretty & Cute. And a new namecard for Emmy Ok. One last…

Thoughts on Premium WP Themes


When I decided to work on Jill, I was skeptical bout my own abilities, experience and most of all thoroughness. There is so many things to research and learn (no one to ask what, I cant ask my…

A Series of Unpredictable Events


Finally the new blog design is up! Now I get to blog comfortably within wordpress and not some Joomla nonsense. Picking up from Tenggol, after a few weeks from that my life started going at 300 km/h.

Portfolio Updates


Web Design & Development Hazelong.com My new blog design. Simple enough for me to have a new toy up soon.. you’ll see you’ll see.. KYspeaks.com KY’s new blog design. Comes with side thumbnails and a food map as…

20 Beautiful Feminine Websites


I was researching for enchanting female-themed web designs when old Grandpa Google fed me rubbish. There is a vast audience that are into this genre of design but each time I design for a client that requires this,…