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I was featured in News Straits Times – Life & Times section yesterday.. I have also completed 2 websites lately.. Jojostruys.com Blivene.com And a logo for Pretty & Cute. And a new namecard for Emmy Ok. One last…

A Series of Unpredictable Events


Finally the new blog design is up! Now I get to blog comfortably within wordpress and not some Joomla nonsense. Picking up from Tenggol, after a few weeks from that my life started going at 300 km/h.

Portfolio Updates


Web Design & Development Hazelong.com My new blog design. Simple enough for me to have a new toy up soon.. you’ll see you’ll see.. KYspeaks.com KY’s new blog design. Comes with side thumbnails and a food map as…

Box of Solutions


I am a box of solutions. I can solve your design needs, coding, development. I can do photography when you need, be your model, shoot videos, cut videos. put effects and objects into videos, make you pretty using…

Paintlust, Glee and portfolio updates


Lots of updates. Lazy to update my portfolio section already. Tiu. Gonna change to wordpress soon. I have like tons of blog posts to put up, enough for everyday for a week or two. Damn.

Migrating from Blogger to Joomla


I am writing this tutorial for frustrated peeps out there who are still looking for a way to transfer blogger posts and comments to Joomla. I am using Jcomment and the core content component of Joomla for blogging.…