Braces progess

Hehe, its my first time showing you my braces progress at the time of this beauty review. I used to have a cash register chin, now almost fixed with braces. My lower set of teeth have moved in considerably. It’s been half a year into braces and I am pleased with the results so far. I am currently going to Taman Megah’s Klinik Pergigian Low. It’s the same one that Vinn goes to. The orthodontist is an old lady. I shall delve into more details only when its over. ūüėÄ

Talika black launches with a testimonial session

Recently, I was invited to the Talika Black launch and I head there together with Erin. Sina from Hong Kong was already presenting Talika Black to the other bloggers when we reached.  They had previously selected a group of 5 bloggers to test the Talika Black mascara prior to the event. This mascara have a lash growth stimulant on one side, and a regular black mascara on the other side.

Wendy giving her testimonial on the product

I had reviewed Talika Lipocils which is a the lash growth stimulant and it actually works. I’ve tried it, and my lashes were black, strong and longer. During the testimonial, it was no surprise when each blogger gave raving reviews of Talika Black. The testimonials was supported by before and after photos projected in the LCD. I spotted a Talika tub and fell in love with Chenelle’s amazing pants during the testimonials.

Halfway through the testimonial, she was searching the floors for beads she thought had fallen. Nothing fell but it sure is worrying when you have so much fragile detail on your apparel.

Sharon, Alicia, Cindy(Assistant Product Manager of Talika), Sina and Wendy

All the 5 bloggers who participated in the product test received a pack of goodies from Talika. To my surprise, 3 other bloggers that day use the same camera that I do, Sony Nex f3. Rebecca, Chenelle and Karen were all using the female friendly camera which has a 180 degrees flip screen.

Erin’s before and after Talika Black

After the testimonials, we get to try the mascara ourselves. Erin did a very good job lengthening her lashes. I pretty much expected the results but I have to say, I am impressed with how phenomenal it is.

My before and after Talika Black

My attempt was good as well but I had trouble removing the initial makeup I had on me.

Battle of the lashes

We were provided with a eyelash curler heater and the Talika Black for this job. It turns out that this was a race to see who can get the best lashes in 10-15 mins. Fatin and Jess¬†won hands down with their skills. Having naturally long lashes coupled with Talika’s mascara is a big big win. I made a mental note to continue putting the Talika Lipocils that I have.

Top: Karen, Chenelle, Bottom: Erin and Alicia

All these youngling bloggers are so hot nowadays, I miss my youth. T_T Gotta appreciate youth when you have it! Check out the Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser which retails at RM110. It is the original famed lash extension which protects, strengthen and extend your lashes.

Erin and I

Thats the Talika Lipocils on top and the Black in the bottom shot. If you are looking for a mascara + lash lengthening effect look no further. Their mascara is abit wet and you’ve gotta give them room and time to dry. But once it is dry, it is awesome. However the lash lengthening concoction is definitely less in the Black, retailing for RM 142. If you are looking for just lash extension, get the Lipocil which retails at Rm 185.

Cindy says :

There are some differences in the ingredients being use for Lipocils and Lipocils Expert however both products has the same ingredients that works on the lengthening effect. The differences between these two products are the curling and darkening benefit which can only be delivered with the use of Lipocils Expert. Lipocils & Black does not contain the following ingredients which are found in Lipocils Expert:

  • Coleus forskohlii: responsible for eyelash darkening
  • Polymers & Silk proteins: improves the shine and increases curling effect.

However, the above has been replaced by the mascara which are formulated to gives instant curling and very dark effect.


Group shot!

Tammy fools around on the swing while we wait for our surprise lunch to be served. It was a well planned event and we had a great time.

Our food was good, company was fun and had a great talk with the girls. If you haven’t try Talika yet, try it at your nearest Sephora outlet. I wish I have the Talika Eyebrow Lipocilsfor my poor non-existent brows.¬†Aside from Sephora, Talika is also available at:¬†Parkson Pavilion, KLCC, Bandar Utama & Gurney Plaza (Penang),¬†Isetan KLCC & Bandar Utama and¬†Metrojaya Mid Valley.

Congratulations Geraldine Voo, Michelle Thong and Lim Hui Teng in getting your free Modbox!