Ever since I moved my blog to .info, I have been in a dilemma of sorts. I used to rant and go all emo in my personal blog which was not redirected to here. And I started the habit of reading blogs yes I was a blogger who never even read her own blog.. not to mention other blogs.

And after reading Suanie, KY, ShaolinTiger, Cheesie and Kim‘s blogs (and alot more la.. you want me type all meh) I was slumped into despair. These people can write wei. All I do is write 2 instructions per picture. Not grammartically and spello procinaounciation correct also.

But then again, I was doing blog design for Ellie Chee and we followed each other in twitter. She tweeted,” A blogger does not need to give any explanation or reasons for anything she writes in blog, twitter or anywhere else.”

Here I was thinking, what the fuck. I shouldn’t give 2 fucks. or 5 fucks worrying bout 2012 when it’s just a disaster in movie and not in real life.

I am gonna go crazy next month. Here is what I am gonna do. I am gonna go gym to gain some weight to look like a fitness model. I will eat more rice (bitch) and then I am gonna go take vocal lessons.

Progress will all be blogged, can’t wait to look good.. can’t wait can’t wait to be able to sing and serenade cocks out of pants.

I have nothing to show nao but a Biology class Skeleton and my voice is badly infused with cigarettes’ leftover friction.

Here is how sicken-ly depressing my life is right naos. I wake up at 4 or 5 PEE AM. I take 5 steps to my computer room to work. I stay there until my backbone and wrist scream for help. Then I take a depressing 3 steps walk to the balcony and look at the inviting black sky. I work until 4 am then I go sleep.

You people asking for price quotation. I work 12 hours a day slaving over your measly few hundred bucks job. Please pay me more. I dying already. With my portfolio and reputation as the only blog designer in Tanah Melayu (not I declare one) I should be earning big bucks liao.

You find me one web/blog designer and their portfolio, then compare it to mine. Then you see their prices. Then you will know you need to pay me more. I tired di. I am not doing blog design anymore after the next batch of jobs. Even if I die of hunger and lack of money I won’t take anything that is not priced equivalent to the worth of my work and my TIME. My precious precious TIME.

You can check my facebook and see where I go everyday. I don’t go out. I cry all everything all!!!!! I KILL YALL!!! T_T

Tired. I need a manager. I don’t care how many percentage you cut out of my pay as long as I am paid good in terms of the time I spent. I dunno how you market me, you wanna work me until I die I don’t mind as long as I am paid well. I am very hardworking one!!! I want my blardy iPhone. I want iPad iPad iPad iPad. Please email me, I even have online project management setup for you di : whoever you are. T_T