i noticed a pattern in my sales today… i realized that yall don’t like to bank in ur payment during the 2nd half of the month. but when the 1st week of the month comes, all the payment floods in.all waiting for salary and allowance ya.. hehe..

Today I m going to teach you how to make urself look like a zombie.

Wait til its dark.
Go to the toilet with no windows.
Take out a camera, switch on the flash.
and snap yourself.

Look at me. I am a stone zombie. my god. anyway today’s tutorial is the basic black eyeshadow look that you always see them done by clubbers.
Now, imagine her name is um… Elena. Elena might think its as easy as lining her eyes with black liner, or swiping a swatch of black eyeshadow. but YOU know better.

Unfortunately, you are a stone zombie but not for long!!!
After you dust on some magic powder on the browbone, you are one step closer to becoming Elena. OMG.

Now, Elena just uses the black liner. but YOU are smart, you use the Shade 1 white pigment and rub the inner corner of your eyelids softly.
Blend well, stone zombie.. blend well.
Now, Elena only know how to drink and smoke (forgive me, if your name so coincidentally unfortunately happened to be Elena) but you know that the SECRET of makeup is in BLENDING. You know that Elena’s eye will look like the one on the right… and you will triumph cuz yours will be like the left. Nicely blended to a smokey effect.
And then horror!! Elena slightly close her eyelids and you notice the hard swatch of color!!!
Eventhough you are a stone zombie, you feel happy in your stoney heart cuz yours look like the left.
And then comes the time for photographs.. when you snatch back that hot guy’s camera, you noticed that omg!! YOU stand out more than Elena!! cuz your eye makeup is more dramatic with the lower lashline blended nicely!
Elena starts to cry and you console her by applying smokey black eyeshadow for her…

You even apply lipgloss together!!! Elena saw that you were a stone zombie and wanted to help you.. so she taught you how to be beautiful :

Get out of your house.
You’ll be in the shade of the roof.
Walk a few more steps and the sun is blazing right at you.
Take as little steps back as you can to avoid the sunrays.
Once there, get a camera.

The stone zombie transformed into an Elena! OMG
The sun is your best friend!!!
No mascara at all!
Just you, the sun and black eyeshadow.
You’ll even get pretty reflections in your eyes!
Wait for it.. wait for it..
The wind is blowing! Snap!

Nothing like a healthy sunshine glow