Elianto is owned by Bonita Group of Companies, a Malaysian Company. However, 80% of Elianto products are formularised and manufactured in cities such as Seoul, Incheon, Bucheon, and NamDo. Thus, according to Elianto’s sales personnel, Elianto is Formularised from the cosmetology of Korean experts with a customised touch for the Asian skin and climate.

If so, then why are Elianto’s products made from all around the world?

According to their Sales personnel,

Their remaining products are made from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. All Elianto’s products are in compliance with the guidelines and the regulations of each country. Below are the lists of certification and accreditation they received from each country.


  1. Certificate of Manufacturer by Korea Cosmetic Association.
  2. Certificate of Free Sales by Korea Food and Drug Administration as stipulated in the Cosmetic Law of Korea.
  3. Certificate of Origin issued by The Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry Seoul, Republic of Korea.


  1. Control of Drug and Cosmetic Regulation 2007 (Regulation 29A) by Ministry of Health Malaysia.


  1. Law for the Control of Cosmetic Hygiene by Bureau of Pharmacutical, Deartment of Health, Taiwan R.O.C.


  1. Healthy Manufacturing Practice Hygiene and Production Lisence by Guang Dong Provincial Institute of Health Inspection.
  2. Certificate of Origin of the People’s Republic of China.


  1. Free Sales Certificate which confirms that Elianto products are in compliance with the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products (Cosmetic GMP) by the German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association.

Italy and Switzerland

  1. All Elianto products are registered under the local manufacturer’s lisence in respective countries and registered with National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, Ministry of Health (GMP Certificate).

Elianto however, are availabe in Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Philipines only.

But, Why is Elianto so CHEAP?
Our next issue on Elianto will explain why are their products so cheap.