I am getting really addicted to diving. Just got back from Tioman not long ago and I am already itching for another go. Someone please print money for me. x_X

The last time I been here was with my family and we stayed at Berjaya’s resort. This time around, KY and I stayed at Salang Beach Resort under the B&J Dive package. I must say I love the atmosphere here. The stretch of beach has everything you need, from mini marts to resorts and to a Batik painting hut.

The view and visibility of the water is spectacular too!

One of the things that you will see here is cats. Lots and lots of cats. Every 2 meters, there is a cat or a kitten. They are cute and they are everywhere, sleeping .. running around and occasionally posing for a curious tourist.

If you are a diver, then this is where you want to go. There are other stretches of beach like Paya Beach and Genting which are further south. They are more catered for the regular beach enthusiasts. Where else this stretch in Salang is right at the north and has the most dive centers.

I am very pleased with our dive center, B & J. They are super conservative about safety and gives really thorough briefing before and after dives. The dive sites here are really shallow but plenty of underwater life to marvel at.

The photo you see above was taken at the boat and the impressive tattoo belongs to a French typography artist.

Recently, I was looking for inspirations in combining paintings and videography. During the search, I stumbled upon a video about an iOs app called Paper. I must say that this is the best sketching application I have used. I have tried many of them but most of them are too heavy, complicated and the finger gestures are not mapped properly.

With Paper, I could actually sketch in my iPad, which was an impossible feat before in other apps since I am always focusing on trying to zoom or getting the digital stroke to behave like how I want it to.

Dive @ Renggis Island

The convenience of this app made my dive logging easier. After each dive I would sketch all the pictures of the sea life I saw. My handwriting is rubbish though, since I have to sit on a rocking boat and jot down the notes with a fat rubber stylus.

View from boat

I could also do quick sketches of what I see, I may prove to frequent this app alot more from now on. 🙂

Dive @ Labas

During the second dive, there were alot of swim throughs.. a first time for me.. I had fun though I banged my tank on one of the rock above me. I also started to experiment with less weights and try to find an optimum weight for myself. Heh, met an aggressive trigger fish looming in my face and I was like, wtf.

Nowadays, I got over my fear of fishes.. and is merely giving them a ‘meh.’ look most of the time.

Dive @ Tiger Reef

There are many types of Clownfishes. The Nemo ones are called false clownfish, as if there are clownfishes that are genuine and original. Once the white stripes changes shape or position, it is another species entirely. For example, there are clownfishes with a white stripe along the top of the fin, called Skunk Clownfish.

Dive @ Sayok

Then there are HUGE clownfish that are black in colour with red fins. They live in red anemone. The name? Tomato clownfish. 

The epic long jetty greets every tourist and bids every traveller goodbye.