Warm smokey eyes

Recently I bought a camera and could finally continue with my makeup tutorials. Yay! Today’s look is a warm maroon smokey eye makeup for days when you have clear, healthy eyes. Using red eyeshadow can be challenging, in order not to look bruised it has to be blended nicely into the eyelids. Try not to cover the entire eyelid with the eyeshadow as well, keep them close to the lash line.

In the middle of revamping my brows

I am changing the shape of my brows to be lower with less arch. Suits my long face better but the hairs haven’t grow out nicely so pardon my skin-brows. :p Anyway, you should always pick a brow color that is similar to your current hair color. If your brows are darker, you can always have them dyed at Number76 salon in Plaza Mont Kiara/ Mid Valley.

Cool yellow as highlight for the brow bone

I used a very light cool yellow for the brow bone. I am not going to reference any pallete unless I specifically want to review the brand. The reason is colors are easy to find when it comes to makeup and I am definitely not that kind that hoards a lot of makeup palletes. I just have each of the essentials and thats enough for me. I do admire those girls with pretty makeup sets though. So jelly.

Just use similar colors and the effect will be the same. 🙂

Pale pink for the base

You know that pink eyeshadow you have that never seem to be vibrant enough when you apply them on? Use that. The color is neutral and therefore very similar to your skin tone. Perfect for a base.

Darker shade of reddish brown for the outer corners

After that, I use some sort of a clay red kinda color of the outer corners of the eyes. Remember to blend well. At this point, your eyes will look slightly puffy.

Dark brown in the outer lash lines

Finish off with dark brown or black in the outer lash lines.

Pencil eyeliner to smudge the lash line out

Use a pencil eyeliner to roughly fill in your lash lines. When you do this, the puffy look is gone since you will be covering most of the reds in the eyelid with this liner.

False lashes

Looking at this photo makes me wonder why I never buy my camera earlier. Apply falsies, if you have thicker ones use them for the dramatic look.

Warm blusher

Apply blusher to your cheeks. My blusher has to be applied from the cheekbone towards my nose. Every face shape is different, make sure you find out how to apply your blusher to suit your face.

Pale lips done with lipliner in Nude

I have a very pretty lipliner from MakeUp Forever in Nude and it is my staple makeup ingredient. I usually use it to line the edges and sometimes even change the shape of my lips. Then I fill it in with the lipliner.

Inward curls for the bottom half of the hair

Now on to hair!! Split your hair half top and bottom. Then split it again left and right. Hold your tongs vertically and focus on curling each side in the same direction. You may have to separate one side into manageable clumps but always curl in towards your face.

Bigger curls for the top half of the hair

Let the top part down and hold your tongs horizontally for this. Curl the leftover hair horizontally, go as close to the roots as you dare for the volume.

Hope you like it 🙂

OK finished di. Fast right. Anyway, my braces is giving me funny faces all the time now. I look like a duck sometimes and at times anorexic. Its misery.com

My third manicure in my life.

Because of the nature of my job, I couldn’t have manicures fearing the paint I deal with everyday will soil the manicure. Michelle did this gel manicure for me last night and assured me that even thinner couldn’t get it off.

I was working today and the thinner just cleaned my nails without rubbing off the nail polish. You should try it if you are in the same situation as me! Btw Michelle is super pro, she spent super long just cleaning my nails and preparing it. Very OCD. And then even when it is so late, she insisted on creating art on the manicure. Too good for value.

The nails lasts for a month and cost RM 60 and if you are interested, she can come to your house and do yours. Just give her a call at 016 218 5356