I may be crippled for the time being, but I ain’t gonna stop blogging! Recently, a new set of soap got launched. Not just any soap, but this series of soap boasts of anti-aging factors together with the usual bandwagon of moisturizing, skin brightening features.

Flower power to fight aging

At the event, 4 new soaps were introduced.

Yuan Honeysuckle Soap
Great for lacklustre and inflamed skin, this soap can calm and ease the inflammation of the skin and rejuvenates your skin as well.

Yuan Mulberry & Chrysanthemum  Soap
Naturally mild, this soap is cooling to the skin and helps the skin to regenerate. Containing Mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum and liquorice, they promote anti-aging as they are rich in anti oxidants properties. They can also lighten the skin and inhibit melanin production.

What this means is, this soap is good for healing scars and wounds.

Yuan Tithonia Soap
This is made from Tithonia, otherwise known as the Mexican Sunflower and is the best anti-aging soup in the series. It lighten age spots, prevent wrinkles and improve dry skin.

Yuan Alpinia Speciosa Soap
Made from shellflowers, the process to make this soap is tedious and difficult. The plant can only be extracted every 730 days and is found in many Japanese skincare products because it is very good in rejuvenating dull and tired skin. The soap also helps moisturize dry skin and tighten your pores as well.

Inspired by flowers, Chiang Jung Yuan found the perfect composition in creating soaps for specific needs

When you have soaps that the names are not marketable and the packaging is lacking in design, you know that the reason it stayed so long in the market is because the products actually work.

Then you have a small gathering, where the owner came all the way from Taiwan and  humbly tells you that all the soaps does not contain fragrance or colourings and only contains herbs, plant oils and get this, fresh springwater from the famed YangMingShan Forest Reserve in Taipei, Taiwan.

Famous for their healing and revitalizing properties, all Yuan soaps are handmade and 100% organic.

All the flowers are pesticide free and using nature as a basis to find the correct formula for the perfect soap, various parts of the plant from the flowers to the stems and roots were used.

Soap cutting activities during the event.

Suited for the elderly, wounded and generally anyone who loves organic products, Yuan soap is gentle on the skin and helps support the skin by herbal means. I will always prefer organic products compared to chemical ones after what my father has been through.

Truly organic soap.

I think I will be getting one of it after my leg has healed, it will probably help me reduce the scars and lighten the scar tissue as well.

Yuan Soap can be found in more than 100 stores which includes :

  • Jusco Wellness Mid Valley
  • Justlife
  • Bodybar
  • Little Green Planet

and other organic stores.

Each soap weighs 100 grams and costs RM 35.90/piece.