After two weeks of owning an iPhone4, I was still pretty chilled about the fragile screen. It couldn’t be that bad. But it IS that bad. I was in Horny’s car and it was on my lap. As I got off the car, it fell face down on the tar road. The car is pretty low, the height wasn’t even that high. The iPhone decided to break in a very fancy way.

Horrified by the turn of events, KY googled for screen replacement while I zoned in disbelief. I called Maxis and was informed that if it is A crack, it might be replaceable by the warranty. However, if it is like a spider web, warranty no longer applies. I also found a shop in Times Square that is willing to fix it for RM 850. -_- No matter how I look at my iPhone, it looks like a spider tried to nab some pixels by vomiting out some heavy webs on my iPhone. Sigh.

KY found replacements at We ordered the replacement, I tried to be funny and ordered the white one instead. (I can has the first white iPhone???) The iPhone still functions though. So no worries there.Β The parts arrived 2 weeks later.

Feeling confident that I can do this on my own and save 200 bucks, I throw Cendawan out of the office. I bought some mini screwdrivers and lay everything down nicely. Then I turned on the Youtube video and started destroying my iPhone4.

Ok. Pin in the hole. Get the sim card out. How difficult can this be huh.

Ok remove 2 screws, push the cover off. Easy Peasy.

“Use force to remove battery.” More like – Yank the battery up. The blardy glue is so sticky. It barely moved until I apply some serious force. and Yes, you can just replace your iPhone battery at this point if your iPhone runs out of battery in the future. It just take 2 steps. Lucky you.

After I remove this piece, a line of small components were visible. At this point, I was worried. The screws that I have taken off so far are placed in groups. But there are ALOT of them. and the components that I remove are getting more and more.

These are the components with their flaps opened. The camera is on the top left. And the components are actually for the speakers.

The iPhone4 camera.

More stickers removed. At this point, some sponges fell off here and there. They are really small and there are no instructions in the video/web guide regarding this. Til this day, I still don’t know if I placed them properly in their rightful place.

iPhone4 speaker part. Note the tiny round silver cap on the right, if you forget to detach this.. there goes your speaker. Bye bye. πŸ™‚

The motherboard removed. If you snap this I guess your iPhone is pretty much done for. I lost more sponges here, found them back but dunno where they had came from.

The screen can finally be detached after all the components is removed.

The screen shattered really badly near the camera. Shards of glasses were stuck there and had to be removed.

The bloody fucking mdfk lj thing about the web guides and all the video tutorials is that there are NO instructions on how to put the iPhone back together. They just teach you how to dissemble it and ASSUME you know how to reverse back when you are done. Fucking hell. And putting it back together is much more difficult. Its not like I have magnetic screw drivers. The screws keep falling off.

The whole process took me 3 hours. Now I can has the only Panda iPhone4 in ze world πŸ˜€

Oh btw, if you do this, you will void your warranty :p