Erin emailed me one day, saying that I get to go to Zee Avi‘s concert. Then I racked my brain and Bitter Heart played in my eardrums. As usual, Haze Long is late for the event. When was I ever punctual? Time is flexible and I am terribly bad at being punctual.


I was surprised to find out that the hall is packed and the tickets were sold out. It’s comforting to know that a fellow Malaysian made it out there with success and elegance 🙂


Zee Avi came out soon after. She is petite, cute and looks as if her stylist is hired at the last minute but hey, talent is what matters that night, right?
When she started singing, her soulful blues voice filled the hall and everyone was hushed to a deadly silence, hypnotized by her voice and her success in the Ang Moh countries.


To be completely frank, I was never a fan of her. Up until the moment she started singing Bitter Heart, that is. Yes, I did knew she was a You Tube sensation that made it among all the other singers in You Tube. How inspiring 🙂


There is no doubt there is alot of courage, determination and talent in this girl. Here are the lyrics that strike me the most :

I rest my case you are always this late, and you know how much I hate waiting around round round.
Bitter heart, bitter heart tries to keep it all inside.
Bitter heart, bitter heart shadows will help you try to hide.
Bitter heart, my bitter heart is getting just a little fragile.
Bitter heart, bitter heart of mine.
And then you come and tell me the same reason as you did yesterday, so tell me what’s her name.


I especially like her cover of ‘First of the Gang to Die‘. It such a dreamy rendition. A new Zee Avi fan is born!! Tra lala…

You have never been in love until you’ve seen the stars reflect in the reservoirs.
And you have never been in love until you’ve seen the dawn rise behind the home for the blind.


I wonder what she feels like at this moment, back in Malaysia in front of a sold out crowd. Kinda gives hope to us Malaysians, that we indeed ‘boleh’. Isn’t it?


Then she did something creative tip tapping away at a quaint little jar with a spoon. Music is like art, can be created with any kinda instruments.


At this point, I was uploading videos of her to Vinn, who is her die-hard fan over What’s App in my iPhone and my battery depleted like nobody’s business. :p


Then she took out her ‘ukulele’ and started strumming on it. I guess every serious musician can use any instrument given to them and create magic with it. hehe.


This was the breaking point for me. As her dad came on stage to hug her and she say her grateful thanks to him, I feel depleted emotionally cuz I wasn’t able to give my dad the same feeling. I couldn’t be successful fast enough, great enough to show him that yes, you can too be proud of me. I did it.

But what I see here, is a message that goes out to all dads. We all do want you to be proud of us one day and we will strive hard until we get that. 🙂


Here is Z at the press conference, she talks about how she handle her success and at one point, someone asked if she had found her ‘hunny bee‘ already. She replied that she is still looking, and he is probably in some other planet. How cute. A workaholic is the most attractive trait in a woman, I feel 🙂


Thats Jessica, Erin and me at the concert. Thank you Erin for the tickets! Help me clean my hoard one day :p