Just got back from Zeta Bar, Hilton KL from the coolest parteey ever with Magenta Band. Almost all of porkgang were there, it’s been so long since I had this much fun! I definitely loosened up since Tenggol. Wee~~

Anyway, Magenta Band will be in town til 31st of July 2010 if you wanna catch them at the dance floor. They belted out top hits from Lady Gaga and Kesha plus many others. I danced until I sweat and even took my jacket off. 😀

Pooh Bear with his drink.. Thanks for bringing me in!! At least this time, I am not hungry!

Jacjac enjoying her drink. We were all still behaving sanely then. :p

Ringo and I camwhores. She had to hold the camera cuz I sucked at camwhoring. My makeup sucks tonight cuz I was too tanned and it looks all splotchy and shit. Photoshop can’t save me.

The awesome Magenta Band all the way from Canada and Columbia. They will be performing every night of the week except for Sunday though. Jason Mraz secretly joined them tonight, I am kidding. The bassist is not Jason Mraz.
They have over 20 years of experience!! The lead vocalist, Kolette Andrew has an amazing voice. When I grow up, I wanna sing like that too!
I think this is the first time I experienced something like this where I look better in person compared to in photos. What am I gonna do? I was so proud I gained weight, 43 kg now!!! but then I am so weirdly tanned lol.

Eh eh Doraemon, mane Nobita niiii…Terence pulled a double stunt from Nobita to hawt stuff.
Suanie struts in style. Man this people can dance. I feel like a biology class skeleton clacking next to them. This is how much I admire them FML.
Oh look! Nobita and Jacjac camwhores. How can he switch so quickly from nobita to tattooed playboy mask so quickly. I wish I can do a Doralin too.

and I. Camwhore mission success. I pointed the camera at Horny twice before that though, phail. How issit I do not know how to camwhore. Tip for phail people trying to camwhore : Point the lens at yourself, not the LCD screen. lol.

Cheesie went on stage for a birthday boy. He was so happy he gave Terence free parking. T_T Where is my free parking.

After that, we danced. jumped. shook. drank. and photography was forgotten….What a night. Feel so energetic after a good exercise.

Its been 5 days since I felt hunger pangs. I been abstaining from alot of things. I am a good girl now 🙂 Innocence is precious, its wonderful when I have awesome friends to have some good clean fun! I heart heart heart #porkgang.

Ok! To bed! Think I am going for a jog tomorrow.