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The Lucky Rooster Print

Product description

The lucky rooster strutted around the village square, preening under the admiring eyes of the villagers. It was mid-autumn festival, and the rooster had been chosen as the symbol of good luck for the year. The other animals crowded around him, asking for his advice on how to bring good fortune to their families.

The rooster was happy to oblige. He crowed loudly and flapped his wings with authority. 'You must all follow my lead,' he said. 'I will show you the way to a prosperous future.' The animals were eager to please their lucky friend, and they followed his instructions closely. They collected food and burned incense in honour of the gods, and made sure that their homes were clean and tidy.

The weeks passed and autumn turned into winter. The villagers worked hard to prepare for the harsh season ahead, but they couldn't help but wonder if the unlucky rooster had brought them bad luck instead of good luck. Their stores of food dwindled quickly in the cold weather, and many of them fell ill with sicknesses that they had never before seen.

Finally spring arrived, bringing new life back to the village square. The villagers gathered around their lucky friend once again, eager to hear what he had to say about their future fortunes. But instead of words of wisdom, all they heard was a mournful cawing sound coming from his beak...


This is a piece inspired by superstitions and fortune telling in the chinese culture and also a reminder to make our own luck. Luck can also be interpreted as being prepared and ready to accept opportunities that come your way. Cluck cluck. 🐓

created with 20% AI, 60% Digital Painting and 20% 3D




Giclee prints are one of the best print reproduction methods available using high-quality archival inks. Printed on 93.87% brightness semi-gloss, bright, white art paper with a satin finish and medium weight. Sharp photographic reproduction and color fidelity. 

  • Scratch-resistant.
  • 260g/m2
  • Art comes with additional white paper border
  • Please wait for the arrival of your print before purchasing a frame 


Clean with a damp cloth. 

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