The Last Dream's Utility Changes

by Haze Long on Aug 23, 2022

The Last Dream's Utility Changes

Some of you who have been in touch with me may know that on the day I promoted my project in my Youtube channel, I was canceled by my own Youtube subscribers. They claimed that I was "selfish, hurting other artists, hurting environment etc". Hundreds of my subscribers who were anti-NFT left and I was left confused, hurting and clueless. 

I took a break from my project and went on to build my Twitter following. I also experienced the Tezos blockchain, where I discovered a kind and generous community that hosts #cleanNFTs. I quietly observed the NFT culture in the space while I minted and sold on the Tezos blockchain. 

After a month, I am delighted to announce that there will be a couple of positive changes to The Last Dream project. These changes are all influenced by my new understanding of the NFT community and feedback from NFT holders.

Current Updates and Issues

The current contract ERC 721a was recommended by fellow SC developers despite the nature of my multi-edition collection.

In a typical multi-edition contract ERC 1155, all editions is nested under 1 NFT listing. However, in my OpenSea collection page, all editions are visible and repeating. Collectors weren't happy about this despite each edition being a true non-fungible token. 

There is also a late utility with 25% of the funds allocation. This utility involves spending the funds on land in a metaverse(yet to be chosen), to be turned into an art space and gallery. Due to the utility being so far away in the future, collectors would find difficulty connecting to the purpose of this project. 

The child abuse charity was sidelined, 5% fund allocation. I wanted to collaborate with a local child abuse organization for my first choice(there's only one here). I had experience with them in the past and they have personnel capable of dealing with prevention, psychological trauma and response. Sadly, during the pandemic, their team got reduced to just middle men who connects victims/reports to relevant authorities for further action. 

I was still keen to collaborate and talks were smooth until 3 days before the launch of my project. I was told that a new team is going to replace the current one and they need to reevaluate the collaboration once more. However, if I was to donate, I could still donate but I could not mention them in my project. 

Please note that I also, on my part could not create or promote any artworks that might cause psychological trauma to victims. This would also violate the collaboration as the organization prioritizes the psychological safety of their victims (no photos of victims to be publicised etc). 

However, since I am just starting out with my own artworks, I have a need to express my past trauma, experiences and pain. I am only human and need closure. 

"The Metamorphosis of the Swan" is a personal piece that explores the pain of forgiveness in order to heal from past trauma. 


Most of the collectors are minting because they wanted to collect the art or they wanted to support an artist. The utility and charity did not hold any weight in their decision to collect. 

The funds for the current minting are still sitting around in the blockchain, awaiting my actions. 


Upcoming changes

These changes are one that I made after interacting and observing the NFT space, in the hopes that my contributions have a positive effect on the community. 

The Last Dream project under the official ERC-721a SC can be viewed here. 

  1. Remainder unminted tokens as of August 23 will be removed. 
  2. Editions in the metadata of current minted tokens will be updated. 
  3. Starting from September, there will be opportunities for current NFT holders to swap their tokens for a 1/1 NFT with new art. First come first served and this will go on until the current holders own 1/1 editions.
  4. 5% of current charity fund will be donated to child abuse organization stated above. A separate update will be shared once these are fulfilled. This utility will be removed and I will continue my own personal charity cause on my own. 
  5.  I have also purchased a hyperfy NFT token which is a metaverse world that we could all build together. This will be part of Phase 2 launch and all NFT holders will be able to build/organize/plan for this new world. The world and the smart contract will remain untouched until then. 

I am also actively creating NFTs on these marketplaces. You can find me on twitter @haze_long

  • Objkt
  • Foundation
  • Maker's Place (no mints yet)
  • Known Origin (no mints yet)

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