Frequently Asked Questions

Procreate & Digital Downloads

  • Purchasing guide

    1. Select any option in 'pay what you want' select box

    2. Hit add to cart/buy now

    3. Checkout securely using PayPal

    4. Pls enter a correct email address in order to receive the download link in your email after purchase.

    5. You will receive an email to download your purchase. Alternatively, you can wait at the 'thank you' page while your download links generate itself.

    6. If you click on the PayPal button instead of checkout, you do not have to provide your billing address.

  • Installation guide

    1. For detailed instructions, watch this video.

    2. Please download your files in Safari app using your iPad or iPhone, whichever that your Procreate is installed in.

    3. Once it is downloaded, the files will automatically be brought into your Files app. 

    4. Launch the Files and Procreate app side by side in multitasking mode.

    5. In your files app : 

      • .zip file - Tap on file to unzip into a folder. Tap on folder and go to next step.

      • .brushset & .swatches - Launch any project in Procreate first. Drag the brushset or swatches from Files app to Procreate.

      • .procreate - Go to the Projects gallery view in Procreate. Drag the .procreate file from Files app to Procreate.

    6. Enjoy your resources!

  • I did not receive any download links

    • If you did not receive any email. it is most likely the email you've submitted was incorrect. Pls make your download again with the correct email address

  • I cannot export to Procreate

    • You need to unzip the product first using your computer. Then you can transfer to your iPad and begin exporting to your Procreate. 

  • I don't have a computer and I can't unzip the files.

    • You can download an unzipping app from the App Store and try. 

    • You can also use the live chat at the bottom right corner or email me for direct download links. 

  • I can't find the exact same brush shown in your Youtube video

    • You might have downloaded an older or newer version of the brush pack. To double check, you can use the live chat at the bottom right. 

    • If you have downloaded the wrong pack, please ask for assistance using the live chat.