Wee~~ finally got time to post.. Here are the tools that you need :

Maybelline Angelfit Concealer

Benefit's Hellow Flawless Pressed Powder

Maybelline ImpactExpress Eyeliner

Using the concealer, dab at all your pimples, eyebags, eyelids areas between the nose and
the skin and around your lips! Pat and blend them using your fingers!
Then use the powder puff and apply powder all over your face to set the concealer in!

Use your friendly eyebrow pencil and fill in the bright areas in your brow. The latest trend is to have the inner corners of your brow thicker, so shade them a lil’ bit more!
Next, dab abit of the lightest eyeshadow you have: white or yellowish white. Apply the eye-
shadow right below your brows. This will lift your brows, making it higher and more defined!

Get a shimmery silver eyeshadow, I used Majorca Majolica shimmer silver for this step! Apply it all over your eyelids. Then, clean your brush and slowly blend the shimmer on your eyelids up towards your brow!

Now, get a dark grey eyeshadow and apply on the outer corner of your eyelids right near
the lash line! Then, imagine that your brush is a eyeliner and line the your lower lash line!

Now, get your liquid eyeliners out! Line your upper lash line and end with a curve up at the outer corner of your eye! After that, draw a very thin line on your lower lashline. Finish with a thicker brush stroke on the outer corner of your lower lashline!

Then dab some of that dark grey eyeshadow and apply on the eyeliner to give a smudged

Curl your lashes and apply a few coats of mascara on your lashes!

Finally, get your fake lashes out, trim it if it is too long for your lash line. After that, apply eyelash glue on the fake lashes’ bone and wait for it to become sticky. Once it is sticky, place it on top of your lashes. Push it to touch your eyelids and press both your lashes and the fake lashes together!
There! All beautiful!

Use your favourite blusher in sweet pink and blush up your cheeks in a circular motion! After
that, apply lip balm on your lips. Make sure your lips is soft and healthy looking before proceed-
ing to the next step!
Then, dab the outline of your lips with concealer and smudge them towards the center of your
lips with your fingers. The trick is to make your lips outline less defined.
After that, use a pink lip gloss and gloss up your lips!
There, all done! Just 4 easy steps to looking pretty and glamorous!