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Category - Geekery

How my Instagram finally found fame

Business, Geekery

Just thought I give an honest account on how my Instagram finally blew up after being in the dark for half a decade. To justify my findings, I have to admit that I have knowledge of web development,…

Using LESS for WordPress with Espresso

Coding, Geekery

When it comes to developing original themes for WordPress, the development time spike up when there’s a need for a responsive theme and the clients keep implementing changes. Instead of overriding css with stricter rules and creating a…

Getting What You Pay for your Web Design & Development

Coding, Design, Geekery

This post is for people who hire freelancers or web design/development companies to do their web design. I can safely say that I spend a good deal of time dealing with friends who have problems with their newly…

Restoring Deleted Files in FTP via Cpanel


Here I am at 2 am and there is an emergency email from a client. Went to the Mac and meddle with some files, trying to right some wrong. Feeling like a boss, I started deleting all the…

How to use a big banner for your Facebook page


Have you been to Forever 21’s Facebook page or Victoria’s Secret fb page? Did you notice that their landing page is a big banner? You can have the same for your Facebook page too in just 3 simple…

Brief CSS Workflow tutorial without design


Today I would like to share how I usually CSS code a website without a pre made Photoshop design of the website. This is just the workflow that I usually follow and I hope you will enjoy my…

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