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Category - Photography

Macro Photography in Smokehouse, Cameron Highlands

Blog, Photography

If you are staying in Ye Olde Smokehouse, make sure you have a telephoto lens. It’s perfect for the entire trip. There are birds that you can photograph unobstructively during breakfast. However, to enjoy their beautiful garden, a…

Food at Smokehouse Hotel, Cameron Highlands

Blog, Happenings, Photography, Travel

When Erin and I were at Cameron Highlands, we stayed at Smokehouse Hotel. It is the most beautiful place ever! Have you been there? The ambience is amazing. I will share more review and photos later. I think…

A Road Trip with Erin to Cameron Highlands

Blog, Happenings, Photography

Recently, Erin and I went on a super rush trip. In just 3 days, we drove to Singapore, back to Malacca and then up to Cameron Highlands. I didn’t have the opportunity to take any photographs in Singapore…

Lantern Festival 2012

Blog, Happenings, Photography

We recently celebrated Lantern Festival and KY’s birthday at Eelaine’s place. There were alot of hustle and bustle before the party as we shop for food, drinks and also secretly get ready for KY’s birthday. I made some…

OMG Another photography trip

Blog, Happenings, Photography

Recently went to alot of photography trips. Love photography max!! This time around, we went to Taman Pertanian for a cycling trip slash photography trip. As usual before going, I MUST pack EVERYTHING into my bag. I am…

Trip to Penang and why Penang food pawn Klang Valley’s food

Blog, Happenings, Photography

This trip to Penang was a sombre one. KY’s sister and her family is migrating to US. It is not easy for a kid to handle an influx of emotions especially when it means leaving a comfort zone…

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