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Getting What You Pay for your Web Design & Development

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This post is for people who hire freelancers or web design/development companies to do their web design. I can safely say that I spend a good deal of time dealing with friends who have problems with their newly…

Maya Abstract Tutorial – 3D Modelling


Recently I have been fascinated by 3d abstract art. They look awesome and surreal. I had a notion to renew my blog design (again) and was inspired to do something along the lines of this style. I started…

Migrating from Blogger to Joomla


I am writing this tutorial for frustrated peeps out there who are still looking for a way to transfer blogger posts and comments to Joomla. I am using Jcomment and the core content component of Joomla for blogging.…

Photoshop Advance : Digital Makeover


Yo! Was busy with the bazaar.. it is finally over!!!! My photographer went awol but there is a photoshoot planned tomorrow/wednesday, so makeup tutorials coming back soon yea..

Photoshop Quickie Part 4 : Plastic Surgery


The last 3 lessons we learnt about correcting contrasts and colour, erasing pimples and moles, and last week we learn how to get smooth skin..This week we are going to teach you the greatest secret. If you feel…

Photoshop Quickie Part 3 : Smooth Skin Galore!


Hey girls.. welcome to the 3rd part of our photoshop quickie series.In our first tutorial, you learnt how to transform this : to this by adjusting the contrast and colour levels:If you missed the first tutorial, you can…