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Today I m feeling hyped and generous.. cuz I woke up early and I have a long day ahead. It feels good! So I am gonna share 2 tutorials today.
1. Authentic Black Liner Look : ever wonder why when models have that black smokey eye.. it looks much neater and sharp compared to your own make up? Read on to know how to get that look!
2. Extending your hair for romantic wavy curls! : You only need 4 extensions minimum for this.. I used 4 only.. I usually use alot more but for the sake of the tutorial, I just want to show how much you can do with just 4 extensions.
Let’s start with the makeup! For dark eyeshadow looks… you must always remember to use a light shade for your brows, or you’ll end up looking like another race.
Do your brow bones like usual..
After that, use a dark grey colour and colour your eyelids.. plus a little of your lower lash line.. just the outer corner..
After that, get black eyeshadow and dab on your lower and upper lash line. Make sure the line is really really black. Use a suitable brush for this, if ur gonna be dabbing.. a brush with short hairs would be great! If you don’t have one.. use a cotton bud. Anyway, once your lash lines are totally black, use your previous brush and do a wiping motion over the black lines. It will blend them out towards your grey area.. Repeat this step until you get a result like above. Please take your own sweet time…..
I know it looks scary but the technique is legitimate and safe ok!
Pull down your eyebags to reveal the thin pink line above your lower lash line.
Use a black eyeliner and colour the thin pink line. Do it at your own pace, if you hadn’t done it before, your eyes might tear.. so please take your own sweet time with this.
There is a difference from lining the pink line and the lash line.. For intense and sharp look, do it this way..

After you do the pink line, you can colour the outer corner of your lower lash line abit to get the result below:

See how sharp the eyes is now? Now, line your upper lash line for the neat look..
For the final touch, add a hint of white liner at the inner corner of your eyes like so.
Finish up with mascara and falsies..
Now let’s begin the hair extensions tutorial..
1. Clip your hair up except for your nape hair
2. Take 2 extensions : assuming that your extensions is 3 clips wide. If its one clip, use 6. Clip them on the hair line like so.
1. Split your hair to left and right sections, put them on your front shoulder.
2. Use a curler tong and curl BOTH your hair and the extensions together. This will create a sticky curl which makes your short hair and the long extensions seem like one!
If you can still see your short hair jutting out, curl the ends of your short hair together with the extensions and hold the curler.
3. Do an inward curl, which means curling towards your face. See the direction of the curls in the next photo
You should get an effect like this.. your hair will be melded together with the a layering style..if your own hair is STILL jutting out, use your fingers and twirl your hair and the extensions in the direction you curled your hair.
1. Clip the crown of your hair up.
2. Attach 2 extensions to the hair line like so
1. Do an outward curl this time, the curls facing away from your face.
2. Use the same curling technique from before, melding your hair and the extensions together.

If you have more extensions you can repeat the above, but if you don’t, let down the rest of your hair and curl them.. if you need to meld them with the extensions you know what to do!

Now, because I use only 4 extensions, the long hair looks sparse, the way to correct this (not to buy more extensions.. expensive ok) is to simulate a half hair bun.

This is the hairdo that makes your sparse extensions looks logical.. cuz once you half tie up your hair, obviously the hair left is quite little. Just try to gather your hair and see which hair/extensions that you can leave draping without tying them.
At the end, it will look like this! Hope you like it!
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