Hey all.. you all know that I spend alot of cash and time and sweat and makeup products doing photoshoots and tutorials for yall right? Usually I take about 5 hours per shoot excluding the shopping and the props and hair styling.

If yall like to give a lil lurve back to me, it will only take 1 little minute of your time!
Recently, I was a part of Dina’s team in the Fly FM campaign.
There are 5 finalist and we are one of them!
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This Friday, I was at the Chivas Party with some of my pals..
Holy Moly. There are horses there, look!!!

SEE!! 3 of them!! with the words CHIVAS stamped on their butt!!! NO JOKE!!

There are even fire breathers!!!
I am not lying, they breathe fire ok!!!

and flying spaceman.
I felt as if I am in a Wonderland.

I met one of BlushBerry’s readers there!
This is Eve from omg i can’t find her blog!! i tot it was evez.net something!!
Let me know if you are reading and I’ll link you up!
I am so sorry I did not get your blog correctly!
edit : http://eviez.net
And this is me with Andrew Netto, the coolest and bestest stand up comedian in Malaysia!!!
We were at the same table!
I met Harith Iskandar and Jason Lo there too but did not have the opportunity to take a photo with them.

Me and my gal pal! Photo courtesy of Yen

That’s us with Rudi from Hitz FM. He is at the top row, 3rd from right. Photo courtesy of Yen

Here am I with my friend from high school, Cheryl. We used to be neighbours for a very short span of time.

Chivas Horse and me. Poor horses. have to stay there for the whole night.
Did I mention that all the chicks and waitresses are all dressed in maid costumes.

Tutorials back up asap! The next tutorial will be a smashing cool one!!
Oh, just a friendly reminder.. there will be a freebie competition up this coming Sunday.
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