Few weeks ago, Vinn and I embarked on an adventure to the wild. We were driven through forests, trees and bushes to reach Bali. Ok it’s not Bali, but it felt like Bali. Its like we got flown off to an entirely different climate altogether. The whole huha was for the launch of the first EcoCert organic skincare launch in Malaysia, Esmeria Organics. (Note the whole transportation is to emphasize the eco-friendliness of the whole product line.)

Vinn and I at our new found paradise, waiting to be pampered!

The first thing we noticed when we are there was this cute little mosquito coil. The kind people there gave us a mosquito repellant cream, from one of their brands Buds Organics. The packaging is so cute!!!

Buds Organics are catered for babies, moms and kids. This range is widely used in Asia and Europe. I am guessing that Esmeria will hit the world by storm too eh.

Their face care range can be personalized with the 3-step cleanse, tone and moisturize concept. The range is catered for Oily & acne skin(top right), Normal to combination skin(bottom left) and Dry and mature skin(top left). You can check out more info at their facebook fan page.

We were chaperoned to the kitchen and were told that we are going to make our own face cream! Yay! Cooking!! Vinn and I paired up with Yati and Julia from Eh! magazine for the activity. After many pouring, measuring temperatures, stirring and more stirring we finally got our creamy base.

Vinn, Yati, Julia and me.

With the creamy base, we added essential oil for the smell. This is where I got intrigued. The chemistry of adding essential oils is so interesting, its like making your own perfume. I totally booched my lavender + citrus one, only to be told that flowers + citrus doesn’t go well together. I managed to get a decent smelling one, germanium + peppermint though. I was also informed that peppermint + citrus goes very well together.

We were told to put a few drops only but all of us went berserk and put alot in. We were told that the smell gets stronger the next day. OMG. Haha.

For those who doesn’t want to cook their own face cream, they could opt for a facial + makeover session. Note that Yati did both. Lol, we went searching for her and found her in the good hands of Connie, who is from the famed skindeco.net portal. After Vinn and I pestered Connie for cosmetics’ recommendations, we were ushered for lunch.

Doroshii and Tammy getting ready to noms!

Our organic lunch.

Vinn and I enjoying our lunch at the balcony, overlooking Bali.

I shall leave you today with this cat. Note that my hand is just 1/3 of its size. One of the girls told me that the name is Bacon. It responded to Bacon, until the owner came up and told us that the name is Linkin (like Linkin Park). -_-

After using their products, I would certainly recommend it to you. The products are no-nonsense, without all the frills and bare promises. Instead, it is minimal and does what it sets out to do well. The concoction is very light and natural. It does not leave an oily residue after usage. For eco-friendly and organic fans, this is certainly a dream come true.

Esmeria Organics face care and hair care range are available at pharmacies and organic stores throughout Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. Prices start at a reasonable RM 25.90.