Through out the whole week I was paranoid.. I didn’t know what to do.. the latest photoshoot was too porno to be posted in Blushberry!!!
When I have realized it, it was Thursday! OMG
*tears hair*

Then my friend gave me this idea.. why not throw in some sparkles and blings to cover the skin!!
What an idea!!

So, I finally finish editing the photos and I now present to you :

If you see properly.. my skin has some kinda glow..
We applied Johnson’s baby oil all over my body.. some on my face.. which I desperately tried to hide in the photo using photoshop.
In my head I was thinking, “Blushberry is geared for women audience, no men is gonna see this!!!”
So heck it.
I splurged my savings on some items by Majolica Majorca.. I just lovvvee this brand!!!
I bought 3 eyeshadow shades.. they are sooo shimmery..*dances around happily*
I bought the pinkish, golden and the silver one!!!
And I even bought the gold eyeliner!!

I went all Japanese for this shoot.. Thick but light brows.. using shade 55 and 65 from the pigment pallete.

Then the usual shade 1 for the browbone.. You can use any light colour of course.. Preferably without shimmer.

Then I used the silver shade for the inner corner of the eye.

And the pink for the middle.
Gold at the outer corner.. Its so tinkly shimmery!!!!
I used the gold eyeliner to liner my eyes..
The colour is so strong!!!! I am in love!!!

And then I line the outer half of my eye with black eyeliner and glam it up with mascara!

I look something like this before my hairdo.
My hairdo steps will be revealed next week!!
The photo on the left shows mua before putting the baby oil and the one on the right is all shiny!
I even look thinner.
In my head I thought, “GOOD!! I can do these poses well..”
omg.. I was so wrong.. it’s difficult to be sexy without being slutty. *cries*
Here is the dumb me still thinking everything is alright and I am even enjoying myself.
The oil dries up too quickly too.. I had to reapply every now and then.. I used up half a bottle!!
My hair is so big!!!! Yall gotta check back next week to see what product I use..
My hair is fine and sparse but this products did not weigh down my hair!

We found out that by doing high angle shots, the sheen comes off nicely..
(I look flat here. yay)

You know what, I dare you to use baby oil and put on a skimpy clothing.
Post it in your blog.. if you do not have one, I WILL POST IT HERE.
Do it I’ll give you any item you want from my blog for free.
I have tons of other photos.. but it is not postable.
I have been busy doing the new layout for BlushBerry.. wanna upgrade to a CMS soon.
New Blushberry.. new blushberry..