Men’s bras are selling like hot berries in Japan!
Wishroom created a line of brassieres for men, targeted at cross dressers they have sold more than 300 bras online in just 2 weeks!Akiko, Wish Room‘s owner, says that she hopes by wearing the bras men will become more sensitive and gain an insight into what it’s like being a woman.

They are all priced at USD 30 each. The executive director of Wishroom revealed that she was shocked at the results of the statistics researching men’s desire to enhance their inner beauty.
Will this be a norm for straight men in the future as well ?? We will never know when our boyfriends will go into the lingerie fitting room together with us next time.
What a thought.

The feedback for the bras have been positive so far, many exclaiming,
‘Thank you! We have been looking forward to this product for a long time!”

“I like this tight feeling. It feels good.”

Will this trend be brought over to other countries?

Wishroom is very excited and pleased with the success of their line, a selection of small cup bras made of relatively cheap, soft and flexible fabric.

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