Hey hey.. today we are gonna show our version of this look!
Eyeshadow that reaches the brows.. wow.
Let’s go!We will be using the 88 colours pigment pallete.. used by Xsparkage in youtube.
You can get one for yourself here!

Prepare your face with foundation and concealer..Powder your face and fill in your brows.
We mix colour no. 2 and 13.. just dab on both colours…
and apply on the brow bone area.
We painted a triangle .. points : inner brow, inner tear duct, 1 cm below the brow tail.
We use colour no. 6
Using colour 49, we apply on the outer half of the eyelid.
Using colour 77, we brush the lower eyelid and the very last corner of the upper eyelid
Line the lower lashes with liquid liner.
For the upper lashes, line halfway starting from the end.
Apply bronzer, not blusher on the whole area below your cheekbone like the shadow area above.
Highlight your nose tip and put on an autumn nude lipstick!