From Singapore back to KL we stopped at Malacca for some food. Unfortunately, most of the restaurants are already closed. Everytime I visit this place, I have the feeling that the whole town is specially built for tourists.. like Bukit Tinggi. Lol On the contrary, its a genuine historical town with lots of opportunities for photo taking and admiration for the heritage.

One thing I absolutely love about city life is that almost every street and corner is bustling with life 24 hours. You see cars on the road even when it is 4 am and people hanging out in cafes or mamaks at wee hours at night. In small town like these, not only in Malaysia but in other countries as well.. most of the shops operate only a fraction of hours in a day. At night it can be a little lonely for me.

That’s our dinner. It came with 5 rice balls and I shot KY an incredulous look. 5 balls of 4 cm diameter rice for dinner? Are you kidding me? And of course, being the food blogger that he is, he gave a look of superiority and wager that it is actually a feat to finish all 5 balls.

Ya, it is just like 5 sushi. If I can eat 15 sushi at one go. I can definitely do this. To my surprise, the meal is actually very filling. Some sorcery that I do not comprehend.