Recently, I blogged about Modbox and 3 lucky readers got the december edition for free. I have received mine too and wanna show you guys how it looks like.


The box is sturdy and undamaged upon receiving it. After opening it, the beauty of the packaging impresses me. Everything is well thought of. All the products lay in red crepe paper and then wrapped with a soft white translucent paper. A modbox sticker holds it in place and there’s a santa’s hat on the green christmas ribbon.

Very beautiful.

I have start using the products and fell lin love with juice beauty acid peel. I have started acid peel this year, to combat aging. One must prevent! Acid peel basically is a light acid that removes the first layer of your skin, epidermis layer. The stronger the peel, the redder the skin afterwards and the stronger the peeling. You can do peels like a few times in a year depending on how you wanna treat your skin. Alot of celebrities use this and its awesome!

Some people do it very frequently for the first few tries to get rid of wrinkles, spots, acnes scars etc. For me, its my 2nd time this year. My first time was with a proper acid peel that made my skin peel like snake. Really itchy for a week. It took 3 weeks of application for my skin to start peeling.

The Juice Beauty acid peel works fast and works wonders. After a few applications, my skin are noticeably clearer even before it start peeling. I will continue using after new year, now I need my good complexion!

I wanna get more Juice Beauty products for review! Let yall know soon!