Went for authentic Hong Kong cuisine that day with Suan, KY, RingoEvelyn, Dennis and Joyce. The restaurant is located in Damansara Uptown and the environment is your typical middle class chinese restaurant vibe. Just the right amount of interior decor to warrant the price tags of the food and a semi-quiet atmosphere that puts you right at ease.

  • a Shredded Chicken with Private Kitchen spicy sauce @ RM 12
  • b Long Spring Roll with Shrimp Paste @ RM 10
The appetizers were served fresh and crunchy, I like the spring rolls as they are something different and though I had braces on I had no problem biting them at all. I think this is a good alternative to snacking on peanuts and you know it, chilies while waiting for the main food.
Can’t believe how many times I have eaten green chilies just cuz I was too hungry, you know.

  • c Stir Fried Prime beef fillet in Strawberry & Black pepper sauce @ RM 28 (recommended)
  • d Hong Kong style sand ginger chicken @ RM 25 (recommended)
  • e Pan fried pork chop with lemongrass @ RM 25
  • f  Typhoon Shelter Tiger Prawns @ RM 38
  • g Sauteed Chinese Chives with Pork Belly in XO sauce @ RM 18
  • h Deep fried pork ribs with special salad sauce @ RM 32
  • i Carrot & Radish with lean meat soup @ RM 6
  • j Typhoon shelter noodles with pork chop in chilli & garlic soup @ RM 15

Hoo.. you have to try the stir fried prime beef in the strawberry sauce, the taste of it is so heavenly. The citrusy nature of the strawberries help tenderize the beef and the result is a perfectly cooked fillet that is tender and coated with a savory syrup.

We talked abit with the chef regarding his dishes and he gave a great tip regarding the presentation of the Sand Ginger Chicken. You know how all the chicken rice shops outside has the best looking chicken with golden skin. Then you try it at home and it looks pale grey like it’s been dead twice.

He said that the trick is to “rub the skin with tumeric powder. Then ‘drench’ the chicken in boiling water 3 times.” Thats the ultimate technique to perfect golden chicken skin.

The typhoon shelter noodles were spicy and memorable. I love anything that is spicy. Especially hot & spicy soup. 🙂

This would be a good place to bring your parents for a memorable dinner. Remember to account for ample parking time as the location is like a permanently full car park.